November 2010

Welcome to the first installment of the JennJill Designs Monthly Newsletter!

Upcoming Events

JennJill Designs has been in business barely over a month, but already exciting things are happening. Those of you living in Cincinnati will have two opportunities to peruse the JennJill offerings in person, without the need to go online. I can’t wait to see you there! CLICK HERE to learn more about these events.

  • Saturday, Nov. 27 – Cheviot United Methodist Church Holiday Market
  • Saturday, Dec. 11 – JennJill Designs House Party, hosted by Suzanne Wrobel

A Peek at the Design Process

Every item offered by JennJill Designs is both designed and created by Jennifer. From the initial sketches on notebook paper through the development of prototypes and, eventually, the finished product, the product development process is a labor of love. CLICK HERE to read more about Jennifer’s creative inspiration and process.

Creative Gift Ideas

It seems that, during the holidays, everyone is always searching for “unique” gifts for the special people in their lives. Giving handcrafted gifts is the perfect solution to this quest, for every handcrafted item is by its very nature unique! CLICK HERE to read a few suggestions for finding special gifts for those you love.

What’s Next?

As you no doubt noticed, nearly half of the items currently offered by JennJill Designs are Christmas-related. If you’ve wondered what Jennifer will have available after the Christmas season passes, you’re not alone. CLICK HERE to get a sneak peek at the new product lines she’s planning for the winter and spring months of 2011.

Did You Know?

Jennifer has a new blog, where she will be relating her experiences running a craft business and will also occasionally announce special promotions and sales. Check it out:

JennJill Designs is also on Facebook and Twitter. Jennifer will be posting updates daily regarding new designs and important news.

  • You can find Jennifer on Twitter at
  • CLICK HERE to view the JennJill Designs Facebook Page. Be sure to “Like” the page to get all the updates and promotion announcements!

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