March 2011

Upcoming Events

The coming year will be full of craft fairs and events that feature JennJill Designs products. Two in the Cincinnati area and one just north of Columbus are approaching very quickly:

  • Friday, March 11 – Cheviot UMC Preschool Ladies Night Out (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Sunday, March 20 – Worthington Craft Guild Spring Calico Craft Fair (Worthington, OH)
  • Saturday, April 30 – Smith Elementary Spring Craft Fair (Milford, OH)

CLICK HERE for everything you need to know about these upcoming events.

Lenten Gift Guide

Both my father and I have birthdays that fall during Lent this year, and that got me thinking: what gifts are appropriate for the Lenten season? For the Christian, Lent is a time of introspection and self-examination, endured with the hope of a beautiful awakening – Easter – soon to come. What items would work well as gifts during this time?

I searched Etsy and, as always, found some amazing ideas. I am continually blown away by the creativity of my fellow crafty entrepreneurs. CLICK HERE to view my Lenten Treasury, a selection of 16 items that each, in some way, perfectly capture the deep contemplation of Lent and the joyous celebration of Easter.

The above photo is BlessedBe13’s Christian Cross Bamboo Tile Pendant, which is one of the items in my Lenten Treasury.

New Products Available!

The first two months of 2011 have been packed full of sketching, designing, and crafting. As a result, I’ve introduced lots of new products in the JennJill Designs shop. CLICK HERE for a description of some of my new product lines.

Also, as you may have noticed, the Quilted Accessories line that I was so excited about before Christmas hasn’t yet materialized. It’s coming, but it’s just taking a bit longer than I’d planned. CLICK HERE to read an article explaining why the Quilted Accessories have been put on the back-burner for the past 2 months.

Stay Informed: JennJill Designs Blog

If the once-a-month newsletter from JennJill Designs just doesn’t keep you as connected as you’d like, feel free to check out the JennJill Designs Blog. New articles are posted every weekday and discuss everything from the design process to personal thoughts about crafting and inspiration. Here are a few of the recent posts:

Don’t forget that you can also follow JennJill Designs on Facebook ( or Twitter ( And, of course, I’m always available by email ( if you have any questions or comments.


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