June 2011

Upcoming Events

The past month saw two craft fairs come and go, but more events are quickly approaching! While I’m still a craft fair novice – my first fair was a mere 6 months ago – I’ve quickly learned to love the excitement and energy of art and craft festivals. I know you would enjoy them, too.

Here’s a list of the upcoming events in June and July. I’d love to see you there!

New Items Available

The past month has been a very productive one for me. My studio has been humming with activity! Here’s a sample of a few new products I’ve been working on:

  • Clay Boxes – I only recently started making boxes entirely out of clay, and it’s great fun! Click HERE and HERE to see some photos.
  • iPad Cover/Stand with Straps – I imagine most of you are already familiar with my iPad Cover/Stand design, but thanks to a customer request, I’ve created a new option available for my existing design: removable shoulder or hand straps. Click HERE to read my blog post discussing the strap design, or click HERE to view the Etsy list for the shoulder straps.
  • Children’s Name Plaque – Every kid loves special items that bear their name, and this knowledge was the inspiration for my personalized Child’s Name Plaque , which is perfect for decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom. I had a great time making these sample plaques and look forward to making lots more, in a plethora of colors and designs.

Finding Time to Rest

In the midst of all the craft-fair craziness, it’s been incredibly important for me to make time to “stop and smell the roses” – in other words, time to enjoy life and the simple pleasures that each day brings. One of my blog post a couple weeks ago dealt with this very topic. Click HERE to read more.

Trillium Everywhere

At last month’s Cheat Fest Art Market, I led a kid’s craft activity, guiding the children as they made small clay magnets in the shape of trillium blossoms, rainbow trout, and three-toothed snails. After the fair was over, I found myself still thinking about the beautiful trillium blossoms, which prompted me to scour Etsy for examples of trillium-inspired designs. HERE is a selection of a few of my favorite finds. I hope you enjoy perusing the work of my fellow Etsians as much as I did!

That’s it for June. Have a wonderful start to summer, and as always, may God bless you and yours.



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