Sneak Peek: Quilted Accessories

A Sneak Peak at What’s Ahead
for JennJill Designs Quilted Accessories:
Quilted Kindle Case

by Jennifer Araya

While I’m somewhat new to quilting, the art form has quickly captured my interest and my imagination. Combining scraps of fabric in new and unique ways allows the crafter to create incredibly beautiful designs, and the process of quilting adds extra strength and durability to the finished product, making quilting a perfect medium for long-lasting purses, totes, bags, and other accessories.

Even though JennJill Designs Quilted Accessories are not yet available for purchase, the Quilted Accessories line was actually the impetus for the formation of JennJill Designs. Shortly after the Kindle 3 was released, my husband bought me one as a gift. Even before it arrived, I began looking for the perfect Kindle case and cover for my new prized possession, but search as hard as I could, I couldn’t find a case or a cover that had the features I wanted.

For example, I wanted a case that included a shoulder strap (preferably a removable one) for easy portability, but very few Kindle cases do. I also wanted a pocket for the charging cord, so I could keep the cord with the Kindle, but I didn’t find a single case with this feature. Finally, and most importantly, I wanted at least one side of the case to be rigid, such that if something were dropped on the case with the Kindle inside, the delicate Kindle screen would be protected. I was shocked that I could find almost no cases with even one of these features and couldn’t find a single case with all three.

My next step was to find a pattern to make such a case myself. Surely, if the mass-marketing producers hadn’t developed a case with these characteristics, the entrepreneurial spirit of DIY crafters would have prompted them to create patterns for a case that more closely resembled what I wanted. But no such luck. While I did find an Etsy seller who has some great e-reader patterns available, none of them quite matched what I was hoping to find for my Kindle.

Since I couldn’t find a Kindle case pattern that fit my requirements, I decided to make a pattern of my own. And since I would already have put all that work into creating the perfect pattern, I thought I might as well make it available to the general public, for surely others out there are searching for the perfect Kindle case, just as I was.

This search led me to take some hard looks at the feasibility of online craft businesses, as well as take some hard looks at my own current employment situation, and from that small start – the desire for a Kindle case – came the ideas and designs behind all of JennJill Designs.

Now that you’ve heard so much about my Kindle case, here are some rough sketches I made during the design process. This case includes interior pockets for rigid plastic sheets to protect both the front and the back of the device, and the sheets are removable for easy cleaning of the case (just toss it in the washer). The charging cord fits neatly in one of the two exterior pockets, and a small reading light would easily slip in the other. What’s better, this case is roomy enough that if you also have a separate cover for your device, both the e-reader and its cover will fit neatly inside.

Beginning in early February, JennJill Designs will be selling both the pattern for the Kindle case and the completed Kindle case in a variety of colors and fabrics. Not long afterward, I plan to roll out cases for a variety of other e-readers and e-reading devices, including the iPad and the nook. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more information and updates.


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