Creative Gift Ideas

Creative Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

It seems that, during the holidays, everyone is always searching for “unique” gifts for the special people in their lives. Giving handcrafted gifts is the perfect solution to this quest, for every handcrafted item is by its very nature unique! Here are a few suggestions for finding special gifts for those you love:

  1. Personalize it!
    Everyone loves a personalized gift, perhaps children even more than adults. JennJill Designs offers several customized ornaments for children and adults alike. CLICK HERE to view the JennJill Designs selection of personalized Clay Creation Ornaments. 

  2. Tell a Story!
    Gifts that have a story behind them are much more memorable than those you simply grab from the nearest mall or superstore.
    Do you have a favorite book, vacation spot, or holiday memory? Find a gift that captures what you love most about that special item, and include a note with the gift explaining why it is so special to you. For example, if your favorite holiday memories involve building snowmen and having snowball fights, perhaps give the gift of a small snowman ornament (such as THIS one) paired with a coordinating scarf/hat set, and don’t forget the handwritten note that relates your special memories of wintertime frolics. Not only will your recipient have a beautiful gift from you, but he or she will also have the story – your story – that makes the gift that much more special.


  3. Eat it!
    While you may not feel comfortable crafting a gift item yourself, everyone has the skills needed to make recipe jars.
    Recipe jars are perfect for those looking to give a one-of-a-kind yet low-budget gift item. Simply combine all the ingredients in a nice jar (Goodwill usually has lots of jars to choose from), hand write a tag with instructions for making the contained recipe, and viola! You have a gift! The recipient not only will enjoy the beauty of the recipe jar itself, but he or she will savor the tasty treat inside. CLICK HERE for some of Jennifer’s favorite Recipe Jar soups, and CLICK HERE for some of Jennifer’s favorite Recipe Jar Drink Mixes.



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