Mini Hope Garland

Ever since Suze and I made our fall garlands, I’ve been on a garland kick. My sketchbook is full of garland and bunting ideas! This weekend, I finally sat down and worked some of them out using felt, embroidery thread, and jute rope, rather than simply sketching my samples. Here’s the first completed project:

I am absolutely in love with this darling little garland! It would look great on a front door in place of a wreath during the holiday season, and I think I’m going to make one for us this season that says “Peace.”

Suze also suggested that this little garland would look great over a doorway or to spice up a bookshelf with a holiday flair. While it’s designed to be hung from two small nails, it’s light enough that it could easily be hung with two tiny pieces of tape instead (which is exactly what I did in these photos). Or, it could slip over two branches of a Christmas tree and add to the Christmas ornaments.

This special little decoration is already available in my Etsy shop, here.


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