Fundraiser for a wonderful man & his family

I know you’ve all heard it before, but cancer stinks. Really really stinks. And it somehow always seems to strike those with the best soul, those with the most faith in the power of life and love to overcome every hardship.

That’s exactly the case with Jim, a high school teacher in the Cincinnati area and fellow member of Cheviot United Methodist Church (CUMC), where Arturo & I have attended church for the past 6 years. Jim teaches the high school Sunday school class each week at CUMC, and his heart for reaching youth is absolutely incredible. He’s the epitome of a “people person” – he always has a smile on his face and a kind word on his lips to cheer those around him. Just a few minutes with Jim are all that’s needed to know that he is full of the light and love of Christ.

Unfortunately, Jim is fighting for his life. In 2001, Jim had a heart transplant, and he has survived two occurrences of cancer since his transplant. Recently, the cancer came back. Jim is going to have a bone marrow transplant soon, and his cancer is responding favorably to the chemotherapy, so things are looking up. However, his illness means that he’s currently not able to work as a high school teacher, and the bills, medical and otherwise, for Jim and his family (Jim and his wife have two young boys) are beginning to mount.

The entire CUMC family has come together to raise money to help Jim and his family pay the bills, and JennJill Designs is joining the fundraising efforts. All purchases from my Etsy shop made between now and Christmas using the coupon code CANCERHELP will receive free shipping within the United States, and 30% of the purchase price will go directly to help Jim and his family.

JennJill Designs “Supporting Jim” Fundraiser
Coupon Code: cancerhelp
Receive Free Shipping on US Orders
30% of Purchase Price will go to Jim & his family

Additionally, if you live in the Cincinnati area, CUMC is having a fundraising lunch and dinner on Nov. 5. All proceeds from the meals will help support Jim’s family. (And let me tell you, the food will be amazing. We’ve got some GOOOOOOOD chefs in our church!) Click here for details about the dinner fundraiser.

Please spread the word about the JennJill Designs “Supporting Jim” Fundraiser and, for those in and around Cinci, about the CUMC fundraiser. Jim is busy fighting cancer, and the last thing he should have to worry about right now is fighting for his family’s financial well-being.


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One Response to Fundraiser for a wonderful man & his family

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    That was a wonderful post – brought tears to my eyes. We’ll be in prayer for Jim and his family and the church, also.
    Love, Mom

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