New Products Available

New Products Available

The first two months of 2011 have been packed full of sketching, designing, and crafting. As a result, I’ve introduced lots of new products in the JennJill Designs shop. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the new product lines:

  • Wall Plaques – The JennJill Designs line of Wall Plaques is a selection of miniature fine art pieces made entirely from polymer clay. Each plaque illustrates visually an inspirational quote or phrase. Similar to the 2- or 3-inch square miniature paintings created by artists, the JennJill Wall Plaques are an affordable way to own original works of art for display and enjoyment.
  • Brooches – I like to call the JennJill Designs Brooches “wearable art.” Each brooch is hand-sculpted or hand-carved, and they are all signed and dated. Just as much thought and care has gone into the creation of each brooch as has gone into each wall plaque.
  • Kindle / Nook / iPad Covers – E-readers were popular gifts this past holiday season, and protecting them from wear-and-tear is important. The JennJill Designs covers are all quilted, padded, and reinforced for extra protection, and each case is custom-made to exact specifications and using the exact fabric chosen by the buyer.

New items are coming all the time – I have about 15 items that I’ve already designed and made but haven’t yet had time to photograph and post in my Etsy shop, so be sure you check back frequently for new additions.


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