Thankful Thursday

This week has been a relatively busy week, which makes taking the time to be thankful even that much more important. Here is this week’s list:

  • Our friends, Rory and Suze – I’ve already mentioned a few times (here and here) the wonderful time Arturo and I had with Rory and Suze this past weekend, but it still bears repeating. They are wonderful friends, and we are so blessed to know them!

Suze and I on my wedding day – the serious photo

Suze and I on my wedding day – the silly photo

  • Bread Makers – Arturo and I own two bread makers, and we run them constantly. We haven’t bought bread (except for the farmers market kind) since before we got married because we make our own loaves of bread several times each week. The bread makers make this possible! I can toss the ingredients in the machine, put it on the dough setting, and let it do all the hard work of kneading for me. Then I toss it in a bread pan and put it in the oven. After rising and baking, we have an amazing loaf of bread that fills the house with incredible scents and which is yummy-in-our-tummies! Right now I’m listening to the bread maker spin and am super thankful that it’s kneading the dough so I don’t have to.
  • My super-smart husband – In addition to being an amazing cellist, Arturo is also a skilled computer programmer and developer. Right now, he’s working to completely revamp the JennJill Designs website. While a finished product is still months away, it’s so exciting to work with him on the project and to be able to request the custom features I’ve only dreamed about. It just blows my mind that, rather than having to pay a stranger in India to code a site for me, I can ask my husband to take on the project and, not only will he do it, he’ll get super excited about it and throw himself into the project. I am both lucky and blessed.

Arturo and I in 2006, just after he played one of his recitals at CCM

  • Running – I must say I never in a million years thought running would make it onto a thankful list. This past summer, Arturo and I decided we need to get in better shape, so we began a running regimen. And I hated it. With a passion. Oh, I went on runs, but it was with a total lack of enthusiasm and complete dislike for the task. I was really only doing it because I knew it was good for me and because Arturo wanted to. I liked the facts that we were outside, we were exercising, and we were together, but I hated the act of running itself. After a summer of somewhat regular running workouts, we took a few week break in September to provide more practice time for some important performances we had at the end of that month. I was dreading going back to it, enough that I was able to delay the re-start of our workouts to just last week. But, last Friday, the inevitable occurred, and Arturo talked me into going on a run … during which I had an epiphany. We were running at Arturo’s pace, not mine, and that’s why I felt like I was going to die after every run all summer. His legs are just enough longer (and we’re both enough out of shape) that his pace was too fast for me. Granted, my pace is granny slow, but at least it’s running. We slowed down our run on Friday, and afterward, I felt energized and excited and ready to tackle life, which is how I’d hope to feel after our runs all along. It was great. 🙂 We’ve since gone on 3 more runs (including one in the rain!), and I can now say I am definitely thankful for running.
  • Working from home – The past two days have been icky ucky gross: rainy and cold and generally unpleasant outdoors. However, because I work from home, I’ve not had to go out in it at all! (Except, that is, for our run last night after work, and we chose to do that – running in the rain wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected.) Working from home is such a luxury, and I am daily thankful that I’m able to do it.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week? I’d love to hear your list of little things that bring you joy.

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4 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Suze says:

    JJ! I love those pictures; I’ve never seen them! And I’m so thankful and blessed to have YOU in my life!!! ❤

  2. ccellist says:

    I was so humbled when I read this post last Thursday. Jennifer, you, your art and your faith are an inspiration to me daily. It is an honor and a privilege to be your husband. I love you.

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