Fall Bunting

Last Thursday, I read the “Felt Leaves Garland” post on Red Hen Home and fell in love. Her garland is both beautiful and festive. I’d been thinking about since Thursday morning but hadn’t had the time (or initiative) to actually make my own, until, that is, the arrival of Saturday evening and the UGA football game. While our hubbies watched the game and coded on their laptops, Suze and I headed to Michaels for the supplies we’d need to make our own fall-themed garland.

Our garlands didn’t turn out anything like Korrie’s, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to make autumn garland that matched our own personalities. Suze created a simple but beautiful “Fall” bunting. It’s hard to tell in the low light, but each triangular flag is cut with pinking shears for a fun rustic feel, and the letters are covered in lace that was leftover from the construction of her wedding veil.

My garland incorporates a few leaves in addition to bunting triangles. I had a blast free-hand sketching various leaf patterns, and I then outlined the leaf veins with several different colors of embroidery thread.

I’ve been doing so much crafting for others and crafting for sale recently that I hadn’t taken much time out to craft for myself. This project was one that was all for me, and I love the result. The whole experience helped renew my love of design and crafting by reminding me why I enjoy what I do.

I love this garland so much that I’m actually making it available in my shop. If you’re interested, click here.


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4 Responses to Fall Bunting

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    I like the hanging. You might want to consider designing one similar for Christmas (for yourself and your shop). Also glad you had such a great weekend from yesterday’s blog.
    Love, Mom

    • Thanks, Mom! I actually already have plans for several Christmas-themed bunting/garlands, and I’m working on sketches for them now. I’m definitely going to make garlands with the words, “Joy,” “Hope,” and “Peace” (3 separate garlands), and I’m tossing around ideas for a few others as well. Any suggestions?

      • Phyllis Brown says:

        Personally, I would prefer something with Christmas symbols without words, if I were choosing. How if you design different hanging pieces and let people choose which ones to go on their garland, or would that be too much trouble for you?
        love, Mom

      • Good to know, Mom. I’ll create several different designs and see how they work and how many “options” I can provide. Thank you so much for your input!

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