Best Weekend Ever

I can, almost without hesitation, say that this past weekend was one of the best weekends ever. I crafted, I got orders shipped, I had a wonderful time with friends, I spent some quality time with Arturo, and I worked out not once but twice. It was amazing.

Friday evening, Arturo and I went to Sitwells, one of our favorite Cincinnati coffee shops (they have the most AMAZING brie appetizer), where we spent a few hours discussing plans and ideas for the growth of JennJill Designs. I’m not quite ready to share any of our goals just yet, but they’ll be coming over the next few weeks and months. Very exciting!

Saturday, we spent the entire day with Suze and her husband, Rory. Suze and I have been best friends for years, and spending time with the two of them is just about Arturo’s and my favorite thing to do. We first went to a wonderful antique mall near Ross, OH, just a bit northwest of Cinci. I picked up some awesome finds that will certainly be making project appearances before long. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Next we journeyed to the nearby Burwinkel Farms, which was the real goal of our trip. Our day had been set aside for one thing: pumpkin carving! None of us had carved pumpkins for years, and we were super excited.

Burwinkel Farms also had delicious apples, of which we got two bags. (Apple pie, anyone?)

We saw a haybale maze, an adorable little pig, a few lamas,

a tractor made from corn husks,

lots of gourds,

and piles of pumpkins.

After choosing our perfect carving pumpkins, we loaded them into Suze’s car to head home.

Upon arrival at the lovely abode of Suze and Rory, the carving began in earnest.

Suze and I took a decidedly sentimental spin, carving “love” and “hope,”

and the boys were a bit more earthly. Arturo created a most excellent jack-o-lantern, and Rory, a devoted UGA fan, carved a Georgia G.

Once night fell, we set them out with candles and took a moment to admire our handiwork.

After carving, Suze roasted pumpkin seeds for the rest of us. Except for Suze, who called roasted pumpkin seeds the taste of her childhood, none of us had ever had them before. As for how they turned out, let me just say that I’m snacking on them while writing this blog post and definitely enjoying them. Yum!

Suze also made us chicken noodle soup for dinner, a perfect fall-like contribution to a perfect day.

While the boys watched the UGA-Vanderbuilt game (go dawgs!), Suze and I ran out to Michaels to pick up a few items needed for an evening project. I’ll have photos and details of our crafty work in tomorrow’s post.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend as well. I haven’t enjoyed a weekend as much as this one in quite a while, and it was so nice to spend it with such great friends.

Happy Monday, all! I’ll be back tomorrow with my normal craft-related posts. 🙂

P.S. You should head over to Suze’s blog to see her post and accompanying photos from the weekend. So much fun!

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4 Responses to Best Weekend Ever

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a great week-end too. Kurt & I went to Blairsville, GA, where I attended a quilt show; we visited a HUGE antique car show–love those old things; had authentic German cuisine for lunch in Helen (an “alpine” village in N.GA–kinda “theme-park-ey” but the tourists love it); worked on a quilt, watched movies, and generally enjoyed a relaxed time in a cozy cabin in the woods. Not too bad for a birthday wk-end. 🙂 I’ll post photos on my blog later.

  2. Wow, somehow I TOTALLY missed the tractor made from corn husks! It was an awesome weekend, indeed. And thanks for the UGA shout out — Dawgs made it back into AP top 25!!

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