Thankful Thursday

Here’s this week’s by-no-means-complete list of things for which I am thankful:

  • The Cincinnati Public Library – I’m preparing for several important performances and auditions, and the Cincinnati Public Library’s gigantic selection of sheet music, music anthologies, and classical music recordings has been SO helpful! If you live in the Cincinnati area and have never experienced the amazingness that is the recording section of the downtown library branch, you don’t know what you’re missing.
  • The turning leavesLast week, I was thankful for the rainy September. While I don’t like the rain, I LOVE the beautifully colored leaves that a wet early fall creates. True to form, the leaves have started to turn, and they are BEAUTIFUL! I found this cartoon last week, and it perfectly captures my feelings:

    Visit the Mutts website here.
  • Shoulder-to-Shoulder Time with My Hubby – If you’re familiar with the Love and Respect teachings of Emerson Eggerichs, then you’re also familiar with the concept of “shoulder-to-shoulder” time for married couples – time spent enjoying an activity or experience together, as opposed to the “face-to-face” time of in-depth conversation. Going on walks/hikes together or working on a project together are both great examples of shoulder-to-shoulder activities. This week, Arturo and I are playing a concert with the Springfield Symphony, which means we’ve had 3-hour round trips to and from rehearsal each day. This provides for lots of shoulder-to-shoulder time in the car, and it’s great. Enjoying the beautiful scenery, chatting about nothing in particular, and listening to some of our favorite bands (such as Cincinnati’s own Ellery and Faux Frenchmen) are just a few of the highlights. We try to make time for shoulder-to-shoulder activities on a regular basis, but sometimes it’s hard. This week has been nice in that the shoulder-to-shoulder time was simply handed to us.
  • Powdered Dishwasher Detergent – A few weeks ago, Arturo and I decided to try a different (aka cheaper) dishwasher detergent, this one a gel instead of the powder that we usually buy. While most of our decisions to switch to a cheaper product result in us concluding that it, while it’s less expensive, it’s no less effective, this particular decision was NOT a success. The gel did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dishes came out of the dishwasher just as dirty as they’d gone it. It was actually quite gross. I quickly went to the store, picked up our trusty old standby, and our dishwasher is working once again. *Whew!* I hate handwashing dishes. Glad that’s fixed!
  • God moments – Arturo and I are in the midst of making some fairly big decisions, from large purchases (such as a new laptop for my business, among others) to important life goal discussions. As a result, we’ve needed a lot of heavenly guidance recently. We’ve prayed for answers from the Lord, and time and again we have experienced “God moments,” in the form of answers so clear that they couldn’t be missed or misinterpreted, even if we’d not been paying attention. It’s astounding to me how faithful God is to give us direction and encouragement, if only we ask for it.

What about you? What are you particularly thankful for this week? I’d love for you to share your list with me. 🙂

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