Project of the Week: Wireless Keyboard Pouch

This morning, I’ll be mailing a package off to a customer in Canada. I always love international orders – it never ceases to amaze me that my items are traveling the world just as much as I have, or even more in some cases.

This particular order includes a new item that was custom-designed for this customer. She requested a zippered, quilted pouch for her wireless iPad keyboard, and I was happy to oblige.

The pouch is lined with a soft black cotton, perfect for protecting the keyboard from bumps and scratches.

The particular keyboard model my customer has requires batteries, so the back of the pouch includes a small velcro pocket that will perfectly hold 4 spare batteries.

I think the pouch and the new Cover/Stand with Straps make quite a handsome pair.

This pouch will definitely be making an appearance in my shop very soon.


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3 Responses to Project of the Week: Wireless Keyboard Pouch

  1. Congrats girl! You’re coming up in the world. How exciting! A very handsome pair indeed. A question: how do you get notified of new orders?

    • Thanks, Monica. I really had a good time making the keyboard pouch.

      On Etsy, you’re notified of new orders by email when the purchase is made. I also receive an email from PayPal with the order details. I imagine you can change these settings in your Etsy and PayPal account, but it’s easiest for me to just get the email to the address that’s associated with my account.

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