My Gingerbread Family

When I bought the cookie cutters a few weeks ago (I know I keep mentioning that purchase, but what can I say – the cookie cutters are awesome! 🙂 ), I was lucky enough to find two different sizes of gingerbread man cookie cutters. Seeing the two together immediately made me think of parent and child gingerbread people, and I knew they would make the perfect addition to my 2011 ornament line.

Father & Son Ornament

I love the snazzy little vests the guys wear!

Mother & Daughter Ornament

The girls’ skirts and hair bows are pretty fun, too.

Mother & Son Ornament

Father & Daughter Ornament

Each gingerbread person has a tiny red heart, which is perhaps my favorite part.

The parent’s and child’s name can easily be incorporated into the ornaments, and I already have orders for three ornaments that include names. I’ll have photos of those to share once they’re complete.

When I took these photos, I hadn’t yet attached the hanging cord to the ornaments, but never fear – that part is coming. When these darling little people show up in my Etsy shop within the next few weeks, they’ll be all ready to grace a Christmas tree.

Happy Tuesday, all!

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2 Responses to My Gingerbread Family

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    I really like your gingerbread families. Will you have an ornament that is father, mother and child?
    Love, Mom

    • That’s a good idea, Mom! Thank you! I’ll probably whip one up today. I was already planning on doing a “couple” ornament using the gingerbread people, but I hadn’t thought of a more-than-two-people family ornament. Excellent idea. 🙂

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