Work to Do

Today, I awoke to a gloomy, rainy day. As I’ve mentioned before, grey and rainy days instill in me a desire to do nothing more than curl up with a cup of tea and a good book as I listen to the brisk staccato of rain on our slate roof. That indulgence is exactly what I allowed myself for a few brief hours this morning. I’ve been reading Jill the Reckless by P.G. Wodehouse (available free for Kindle!), and the irreverent playfulness of Wodehouse’s style was the perfect foil for such a rainy day.

But alas, as I read the final few pages around 9:30, I knew I had to get to work. I’m in the middle of designing a brand new line of Christmas ornaments, after all. My clay was calling to me from my studio, and my lengthy to-do list refused to be ignored any longer. So I unfolded myself from the cushions, pulled my hair back into an “I-mean-business” ponytail (for I am, after all, a business woman, running a fledgling art and design business), and I settled down at my work table for a day of careful and meticulous labor.

Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing with you the fruits of that labor: the prototypes and new designs I’ve developed for my line of 2011 Christmas ornaments. Hopefully my new creations will inspire you as well, and perhaps one will even grace your Christmas tree in a few short months.

This cute little Christmas tree was one of my 2010 ornaments, but I’m keeping it around for 2011 anyway. 🙂 It’s already available for purchase from my Etsy shop.

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