Single-fabric Tablet Cover & Stand

A customer recently ordered a tablet cover & stand for her brand new HP Touchpad and requested that I use her fabric for the cover. This isn’t at all unusual – I often make covers and stands from fabric supplied by customers, particularly if the customer in question wants a particular pattern or color combination that I can’t easily match. However, this order was a bit unusual in that the customer wanted me to use only one fabric for her cover, instead of two.

Here is the finished product:

This was my first cover made from a single fabric, and while I certainly prefer the two-fabric design, I think it works with the particular fabric my customer chose. Since the fabric itself has a stark color contrast – black vs. white – the finished cover doesn’t seem dull or boring. However, I do miss the “book binding” effect that the two-fabric covers have. The binding is perhaps my favorite element of my cover designs, so I certainly wouldn’t want a single-fabric cover for myself.

What do you think? Do you prefer the single-fabric design, and if so, why? I’d love to know what you think.

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4 Responses to Single-fabric Tablet Cover & Stand

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    I much prefer the two fabric design, and I don’t especially like black and white bold patterns, but that is why we can each chose our own. Not everyone likes what others choose. I think your design is the unique thing about each of the pad designs. I certainly love my Kindle cover and have lots of compliments on it. At Bible study, one other lady uses a Kindle and has a boring brown leather-look cover. It doesn’t appeal to me nearly as much as the one you gave me.

    Love you, Mom

  2. Suze says:

    Ooh, I love the look of the single fabric — it’s so sleek! Of course, I like the “binding” when you use the two colors, but it looks great with just one fabric! Was it any easier to make?

    • Thanks, Suze! It was a bit easier to make, but only because cutting the fabric took less time since I didn’t have to worry about which pieces needed to be cut from which fabric. But overall, about the same as a two-fabric cover.

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