Trip Down Memory Lane

During my cleaning frenzy of a few weeks ago, I came across a small trifold picture frame. I’m sure it used to hold photos of my family and friends, but for whatever reason, at some point several years ago, I took out the photos and stuck the empty frame in the back of a closet.

As I rescued the frame from its closet oblivion, the blank picture slots looked almost sad, and I decided it was high time the frame held some of my beloved photos once again. When, just a few days later, Arturo asked me for some photos he could use to decorate his new desk at his new job, the empty frame seemed to be a perfect fit.

It took quite a while to sort through the many, many photos we’ve taken during our 5 years together. We are both photo junkies, and our combined collection of photos would easily number in the thousands. Each photo represents wonderful moment of happiness and joy, and I was taken on quite the trip down memory lane as I sorted through digital folder after folder of photos. The 9 photos I settled on for Arturo’s little frame aren’t necessarily the best photos of us, but they all seem to portray the great joy and love we share.

Click a photo to enlarge and to view the date the photo was taken, as well as a brief description.

Ah the memories, and ah the smiles. Life is good.


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4 Responses to Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. We need captions! (Photo 1: Playing at Alicia’s wedding; Photo 2: Shenzhen; Photo 3: ??; Photo 4: Graduation?; Photo 5: ?? (great one of you 2!); Photo 6: salud!; Photo 7: ??; Photo 8: Playing @Alicia’s wedding; Photo 9: @your wedding lunch?

  2. Phyllis Brown says:

    I agree with Monica and appreciate the captions – but you should put the instructions in your blog post for people to click on the photos. I didn’t know to do that until I read the comments. (I want some of these photos for my collection when we see you again. We need to spend some time transferring photos back and forth. :).
    Love, Mom

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