Cookie Cutter Fun, #2

When I made the Checkerboard Box Set over a month ago, I had a lot of leftover canes. Since then, I’ve been wondering how best to use them. The canes I used for the box set were quite complex and time-consuming, so no ordinary project would do. They took way too much time to create for me to waste them as scrap clay or marbling material.

A closeup of the canes that create the checkerboard. Each of the two canes took many hours to construct.

When I began working on new Christmas ornament designs earlier this week, I realized I’d stumbled upon the perfect projects. The green striped four-square cane became funky Christmas trees,

and the peach, pink, and red cane transformed into radiant butterflies.

Both of these ornament designs used the cookie cutters that I mentioned on Tuesday. While the canes that decorate the ornaments took hours to construct, making the ornaments themselves was relatively straightforward once I’d decided upon the basic design, thanks to the cookie cutters.

I love exploring new design possibilities with old materials, such as previously created canes. While these canes were created with a checkerboard in mind, they’ve proven to have a life far beyond checker squares.

Confused about what I mean by “canes”? Check out my overview of the millefiori technique for a basic introduction to clay caning and millefiori patterns.

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2 Responses to Cookie Cutter Fun, #2

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    I really like these ornaments. How would a necklace of the butterfly be? I can’t wait to see your whole new line of Christmas ornaments for this year.
    Love, Mom

    • Thanks, Mom! I’m excited to get all of my ideas worked out in clay. It’s a fun process, and it’s helpful that I’m getting started so much earlier this year than last. Hopefully it’ll help grow sales and also help me to have a more complete offering.

      A necklace of the butterfly sounds like a GREAT idea. I’ll definitely have to work on that. 🙂

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