Encounter with the Shuttle Driver

Earlier this week, my car needed some work. I ran over a large rock, which completely punctured one tire and damaged another, in addition to banging up the rims. Into the shop it went, which meant I was car-less for two days – a particular problem considering the errands I needed to run this week and my busy work schedule. However, our repair shop has a wonderful shuttle service that will transport you from the shop to your house or place of work, and then back to the shop when the car is done so you can pick it up. As a result, I got to spend quite a bit of time chatting with the shuttle driver.

Small talk with strangers has never been my forte, but the shuttle driver, whose name is DL, made it easy. As a result of his job, he now knows the city like the back of his hand, but it wasn’t always that way. He grew up in Cincinnati at a time when the city was segregated not just by race but also by class, and he had some great stories of his first shuttle drives into the ritzy, white-only parts of town, when he had no clue where he was going and was relying solely on the directions of his passengers. His casual banter made what could have been a stressful situation – my being without a car for 2 days – a much more pleasant one. On the return trip, for me to pick up my car, he asked where I was headed after the shop and even gave me directions that helped me avoid rush-hour traffic.

I have no idea what DL’s religious beliefs are, but thinking back on his kind manner, it strikes me that his behavior perfectly exemplifies Christ-like actions. He was kind and cheerful when he could have just been efficient. He took time to give me help when he didn’t have to. He made my day brighter and happier, which meant all the more to me because my day was already stressful. He gave of himself when it wasn’t required of him. He was a bit of Christ in my week.

If I have half as much positive effect on those with whom I come in contact, I will consider myself both lucky and blessed.

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4 Responses to Encounter with the Shuttle Driver

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    You can meet and talk with some amazing people by just being open to talking with them wherever you are. A smile can start some great conversations. You show your Christian faith in everything you do. Love!!!

  2. Rp says:

    Awesome post, Jenn! This is a great reminder of how much of an impact taking the time to have a simple conversation can have on someone’s life.

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