Weekend Adventure

This past weekend was a rare break from packed schedules and quick dashes from one place to another. Our jobs and schedule so infrequently allow us such an opportunity that when it came, Arturo and I seized the chance to create a weekend adventure for ourselves.

Sunday afternoon, after a wonderful worship service at church, we decided it was time to enjoy God’s creation – in particular, the Ohio River. We pulled our jet ski from our garage, where every weekend it calls for us to take a break from work and to enjoy the beautiful river that provides the southern border to our city. Yesterday, we gave in to its call and headed for our friendly neighborhood public boat launch.

The Ohio River is a major industrial transportation passageway, so pleasure boats rub shoulders with gigantic barges, like this one.

I think my favorite part of enjoying Cincinnati via river is the under-side view of the bridges. Their architecture never ceases to amaze me.

My favorite would have to be the Roebling Suspension Bridge. It’s surfaced with iron grates that make fun rumbling sounds as cars pass across. Hearing the constant rumbling from underneath the bridge is quite something!

Viewing downtown Cincinnati from the river is also quite a treat. It’s a unique perspective of the city I love.

The sun was getting quite low in the sky before Arturo and I could be convinced to return to shore.

While days spent gallivanting on the Ohio River have, on the surface, little to do with my art and work for JennJill Designs, they are in fact intimately related. It’s days of pleasure and fun, like yesterday, that give me the mental and emotional energy to tackle the ups and downs of running a small business. The untouched beauty of an eagle soaring overhead or the quiet calm of wooded hillsides are perfect for recharging the body and mind in preparation for the busy week of work that lies ahead.


About JennJill Designs

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2 Responses to Weekend Adventure

  1. Phyllis Brown says:

    Really enjoyed your photos of Cinci from the river. So glad you were able to enjoy the jetski.
    Love, Mom

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