Project of the Week: Baby-sized Tablet Cover

One of my orders this week was for a tablet cover. There’s nothing unusual about that, since my tablet covers, e-reader covers, and tablet cover/stands are my most popular items. This particular cover was for a Maylong M-250 Tablet, which I’d not heard of before, but again, there’s nothing unusual about that. Because I custom-fit every cover for the exact model of e-reader or tablet requested, something not a lot of vendors are willing to do, I get a lot of requests to make covers for lesser-known tablet models.

However, there was one unusual element to this order: the Maylong tablet is smaller than a Kindle 3, meaning the tablet cover was itty bitty! Most tablets on the market are significantly larger than my tiny Kindle 3, but apparently Maylong got on the “super small, super slim” bandwagon when designing their tablet. Consequently, the tablet cover I mailed out this week was a bit smaller than my own trusty Kindle cover.

My Kindle cover is on the right, and the Maylong 250 Tablet Cover is on the left.

The process of making the Maylong tablet cover was no different than making any other cover, but as I was working on it, I kept being struck by the cover’s comparatively diminutive size. I felt as if I was working not on a true tablet cover but on a baby’s tablet cover. I may have to go to an electronics store sometime soon just to see a tiny little Maylong tablet in person.

The Maylong Tablet Cover has an elastic strap on the top right to allow easy access to the tablet's power button.

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