Yard Sale Treasures

One of the blogs I follow, Marlene Brady’s It’s All About Creating, has recently featured a series of posts about flea market and vintage shopping. While reading a few of the flea market posts Saturday morning, I was overcome by the desire to go flea market or yard sale shopping. Arturo is always game for a day spent outside, particularly if it also involves perusing yard sales, so in short order we were on our way.

We stumbled across some AMAZING finds, including this beautiful file cabinet that’s way too pretty to be hidden away in an office corner. It now resides in our entryway.

I also found a yard sale that was advertised as selling “everything for the knitter, seamstress, and crafter,” which perfectly describes me! (Well, ok, maybe I’m not much of a knitter, but that’s not for a lack of trying …) When I saw the description, I knew we had to go, and that sale was certainly a bonanza. I found some beautiful yarn and a box of sewing notions, in addition to a bolt of gorgeous red upholstery fabric (6 yards for $4 – score!). I already have big plans for the fabric, which – if the project works out the way I’m hoping – I’ll share with you in tomorrow’s post.

What are your favorite yard sale, flea market, or vintage finds?

While out shopping, we stumbled across this beautiful cemetery. It’s actually barely a mile from our house, but we’d had no idea it was there. It’s amazing what you miss when you’re not looking.

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4 Responses to Yard Sale Treasures

  1. I’m sooooooo jealous! I want that box of sewing notions!. Just kidding…
    (But I really do. :))

  2. jim says:

    Thats just it , you never know what your going to find or who your going to meet. Love the file cabinet.

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