Storage & Organizing Fun

As I mentioned last week, Arturo and I are in the midst of a summer cleaning extravaganza. What started as a Sunday afternoon of cleaning the house has turned into a process of rearranging and reorganizing several rooms of our house in an effort to use our space more efficiently and more comfortably.

I’ve been particularly focusing time on rearranging and reorganizing my studio. Until I started JennJill Designs a few months ago, my priority when organizing my crafting supplies had always been most efficient storage. After all, my items mostly lived in their storage locations and only came out a few nights a week as I fed my crafting hobby. When I started my business, I designed my studio space the same way and with that same goal in mind: to efficiently store and keep all of my crafting supplies.

However, I’ve found over the last few months that efficient storage isn’t actually what I need now that I’m a full-time artisan. I actually need efficient access. I need to be able to quickly find exactly the item I want without wandering too far from my workspace and without requiring much effort to transport a specific tool or material from where it’s stored to where it’s used. This may not seem like much of a difference, but it really is. Rather than simply organizing like items together, which is what I’ve always done, I actually need to organize items based on how frequently they are used, making sure those used most often are also most accessible to me while I’m working. It’s a bit of a thought shift that’s taken a lot of careful planning to implement, but I’m hoping it will significantly improve my productivity.

Eventually I’ll have some photos for you of my “new and improved” crafting space, but first, I thought I’d share some of the awesome storage ideas I found from other Etsians. Enjoy, and maybe some of these items and ideas can help you organize your space, too!

Click here to view the Treasury and see all of these items in more detail.

Click here to view the Treasury and see all of these items in more detail.

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2 Responses to Storage & Organizing Fun

  1. OMG! Just last night I was thinking about the same thing with respect to my sewing room! After spending a HALF HOUR looking for a darned bobbin (which I didn’t find!), I realized even though I have all my supplies & equipment neatly (sort of) stored in their respective cubby holes, boxes, boxes inside boxes (:P), etc., they’re not efficiently stored so as to be easily accessible. AAARRGGHHHH! So now I’ll have to rethink the whole scheme again. You’ve seen my studio, so you know how limited my space is; however, I’ve seen photos in magazines of these much smaller spaces where the people who own them extol the wonders of their efficiency, and I can’t fathom it. HOW DO THEY DO IT? I am at a loss… 😦

  2. Monica, I’m not sure how they do it! People with tiny studios amaze me, too ……

    As for how to reorganize your studio, I started by first grouping like items together (which is how I’ve always organized my studio in the past). I then went to each group of like items and pulled out those things I use ALL the time. So, for example, my rotary cutter and good fabric scissors got pulled out of the “cutting tools” pile, while the retractable razor and various crafting scissors stayed in the pile. The fabric scissors and rotary cutter now live permanently on my cutting table, and the other scissors are stored in a drawer so I can find them when I need them but where they won’t get in the way. I’m also planning to label all my bins and drawers to 1) help me find items when I need them and 2) to encourage me to put things back where they actually go. It’s definitely still a work-in-progress, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Good luck with your studio!

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