Craft Fair Postmortem: Art on the Lawn

More often than not, summer outdoor craft fairs are hot. I mean REALLY hot. “Break a sweat while sitting in one place” kind of hot. However, the weather for this past weekend’s Art on the Lawn festival in Yellow Springs, OH brought a welcome relief from the heat of summer. As I climbed out of the car at 8:00 am to begin unloading my booth supplies, I looked to Arturo and exclaimed, “It’s almost cold!” Indeed, the low-60s start to the day was an early sign that this craft fair Saturday would be much more enjoyable than most.

Perhaps because of the beautiful weather, traffic at the festival was steady and quite heavy. My booth was located near one of the entrances, so people were constantly walking by and stopping to browse. Like in real estate, good location is essential for a good fair, and I certainly lucked out this time.

Because of the location of my booth, people were approaching from both the front and the back of my designated space. Luckily, the people at the registration booth warned me of this, so I was able to alter my booth setup to take advantage of “through traffic,” often turning it into “browsing traffic.”

My new checkerboard box set was a focal point of my booth, helping to draw attention and create interest. While it didn’t sell, its presence certainly helped make other sales.

My e-reader and tablet covers also attracted a lot of attention. Comments were especially common regarding Arturo’s brand new Cover/Stand for his brand new Xoom tablet, which I borrowed for the day for display purposes.

As with the Dublin Art Fair in July, the pegboard display for the wall plaques worked like a charm. It allows visitors to examine the details of each plaque up close and personal, which is exactly what they need.

Not only was my booth spot near the entrance, it was positioned under several large shade trees! (Yes, I do know how lucky I was. Most of the spots were in the full sun.) Arturo enjoyed the shade just as much as I did.

At the end of the day, Arturo helped Richard Garland, one of my booth neighbors who was working the fair by himself, put away his tent. All day long, I’d been admiring his fun lawn ornaments, so I was thrilled when he gave us this small hummingbird as a thank you! (We are bird people, after all.) The hummingbird is now living happily among our tomato plants. While Richard doesn’t have a website, his items are sold at Hidden Treasures in West Liberty, OH.

All in all, this past Saturday was a beautiful day for a wonderful fair.


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2 Responses to Craft Fair Postmortem: Art on the Lawn

  1. Rob Liptak says:

    Thanks for the lovely post.
    Rob from Village Artisans.

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