Friendship & Crafting

As predicted, yesterday was a wonderful time of friendship and crafting. Suzanne, my close friend who came to spend the day with me, worked on a new dress. It’s not quite finished, so the promised photos may take a few more days to materialize, but she made some great progress. Although Suzanne has quilted for years, she’s never before made clothing from a pattern, so it was a great learning experience.

Meanwhile, I created a variety of pendants using some scrap clay I had left over from the “Hope” candle votive I made a few weeks ago. I had several leftover sheets of the stacked layers that are the starting point for mokume gane, so I created a few mokume gane pendants with those scraps. When I’d made enough pendants that the sheets were too torn up to work with any further, I combined them with some leftover clay from the Checkerboard Box Set to design even more pendants.

A few of the necklaces I made yesterday using my new pendants

This little flower pendant was Suzanne’s favorite.

I, meanwhile, couldn’t decide between these two.

Perhaps it’s the crafty side of me that always sees possibility in even the most minuscule of clay or fabric scraps. I have such a hard time throwing them away, and I’m always trying to come up with ways they can still be used, despite their small size. It was a wonderful challenge yesterday to see what I could create with a few mismatched blobs of leftover clay.

A miscellaneous selection of the pendants I made yesterday. All of these will eventually be made into necklaces like those above.

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