Dragonfly Treasure Box

The Checkerboard Box Set isn’t the only new item I created for the Augusta Art Guild’s Sculpture in the Vineyard. I also designed and created a Dragonfly Treasure Box.

When Arturo and I visited Miami a few months ago (vacation photos here), my camera was never far from my side. A few of the photos I took caught my imagination and have been playing in the back of my mind since our return. The photos of the dragonfly in particular have been occupying my subconscious. They were taken in an almost magical moment. On our 15-mile bike ride through the Everglades, Arturo stopped to look at a bird and take photos of his own. While he was snapping away, I noticed a dragonfly flying by my head. It gracefully dipped down, as only dragonflies do, and alighted on a small blade of grass next to the trail. I slowly knelt down, trying not to scare it away, and began taking photos. The dragonfly rested motionless for a full minute or more, almost as if posing for me. It was absolutely unfazed by my camera shoved in its face. After I’d taken no less than 15 photos, it eventually tired of the game and flew away.

Since then, one design idea after another has come to mind, only to be discarded as not quite the best use for the photo. Crumpled sketches and half-baked ideas finally came to fruition last week while I was working on the Checkerboard Box Set. I knew I had to flesh out the dragonfly box in clay before the idea became diluted by time and forgetfulness. So, last Wednesday, I joyfully printed the photo, transferred it onto clay, and constructed a whimsical jewelry box to frame it.

Click any of the photos below to zoom in. The Dragonfly Treasure Box is already available in my Etsy shop. Click here to view the listing.

Now that I’ve worked out a design for the dragonfly photo, I’ll be able to turn my attention to finding uses for some of our other fun photographs.

The original photo, selected from over 15 photos I took of the dragonfly

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