Checkers Box in Process

My studio time yesterday and today has been occupied with the construction of a large, 11”x11” box with a checkers board on top. I’m creating it specifically for display at the Augusta Art Guild’s Sculpture in the Vineyard gallery display, which opens this Friday. I’ll have photos of the completed box for tomorrow’s post, but I did want to share these few photos of the box-in-process.

The basic checkerboard laid out, with the checkers pieces on the right

A close-up of the checkerboard squares

A close-up of the checkers

I used two contrasting millefiori patterns to create the squares on the checkerboard, and one of the millefiori canes in particular was quite the adventure to construct (see photos below). To create the cane, I used a shape shifting technique discussed in Donna Kato’s The Art of Polymer Clay: Millefiori Techniques. It was incredibly time-consuming to create the cane, but I’m quite pleased with the results.(A tutorial post for making this particular cane will be coming in the next few weeks.)

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday, and I look forward to seeing lots of you for Friday’s gallery opening!

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6 Responses to Checkers Box in Process

  1. haydemon says:

    Cool! I love this technique! Great idea about the checkerboard.

    • Thanks, Monica! Eventually I want to make a chess set using the same basic design, but as the gallery opening is this Friday, I didn’t really have time to make all the chess pieces. The board may be the same, but checkers pieces are much easier to make. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll have lots of photos of the finished box.

  2. haydemon says:

    so is this a deal where you leave the piece at the gallery for a period of time, and people just come in at random and (hopefully) they’ll buy it eventually, or is it a one-time kind of thing, where you take it over there for a day and then bring it back?

  3. haydemon says:

    As soon as time permits, I’m joining the local Artists’ Guild here in Covington and will take some quilts over there too! That should be fun…

    • This particular exhibit is a timed gallery, sponsored by the Art Guild and on the grounds of Baker Bird Winery, a local KY winery (the oldest estate winery in the US). The guild has a permanent gallery in downtown Augusta, but it’s not really big enough for some of the large sculpture works several guild members create. So, the guild decided to sponsor a three week gallery/exhibit at the winery, which has a bit more space to allow the huge sculpture pieces to be displayed properly. My pieces definitely don’t qualify as “large” or “huge,” but since they are 3D sculpture works, I decided to include several examples of my work. If they don’t sell during the exhibit, I’ll get them back in August.

      Good luck exhibiting your quilts! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  4. haydemon says:

    I will, but it won’t happen until November as earliest.

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