Things For Which I’m Thankful (one of them being the last day of my day job)

Let’s just call this “Thankful Thursday.” As I mentioned last week, a blog I’ve been reading recently suggests making a list of 10 things for which you are thankful each day. Here are 5 items from today’s list.

  • A parrot who is getting better – Miss Pepper is most definitely on the mend, and I am so thankful! I don’t think I realized just how sick she’d been until I saw the relief on the vet’s face and heard the relief in his voice when I took her in for her follow up appointment earlier this week. I’m happy to report that she’s doing great and is as ornery as ever.
  • Fun, twirly dresses – I love wearing dresses with nice large skirts that poof out when you twirl. The dress I’m wearing today is one such dress (I call them “twirly dresses”), and it has sparkles on it and a huge ruffle along the bottom of the skirt, making it even better than your average twirly dress.
  • Friends who don’t let you get away with anything – I had a long discussion last night with one of my closest friends about some pretty deep issues, and she definitely called me out in some areas where I’ve been allowing my fear to get in the way of my faith. While it wasn’t easy to hear what she had to say, I’m definitely grateful for her God-given advice. I always come away from those types of conversations feeling very convicted (if you’re not familiar with this term, it’s how you feel when someone correctly points out a way in which you’ve really made a big mistake), but those conversations also always help me grow and change for the better. So while it’s not exactly “soothing to the ego”, I am certainly grateful for it.
  • Sunshine and mild weather – It has been HOT HOT HOT in Cincinnati the past few days, and I am so grateful that today is a bit more mild. My thanks for the mild weather are all the more earnest when I think about the fact that I have an outdoor craft fair in Columbus this weekend. (So far, weather forecast looks good – mid 80s and very little chance of rain.)

And, for the last one (it’s a BIIIIIIG one) …

  • I’m thankful for no more day job! Today is my last-ever day at my day job. I am now officially a full-time crafter and artisan. 🙂 That’s right, I’ve quit my day job.
    Since 2008, I’ve been working at a web design firm in Cincinnati, managing their email marketing campaigns and producing all of their customer training videos. My husband works at the same company, which was great, since we got to eat lunch together every day and were able to take many wandering strolls through the local parks on our lunch hour. However, while the job was at times engaging and interesting, my heart was never really in it. My passion has always been with music and crafts, so I was never 100% happy with my desk-job position.
    When I started JennJill Designs last October, business took off way more than I had expected, so I turned in my resignation in December, but my management allowed me to stay part-time. Since January, I’ve been spending 20 hours each week continuing my old desk job duties.
    A week ago Tuesday, on July 5, I turned in my final resignation. My personal items from my office are all packed, and when I walk out of the building today, it will be the last time I will walk out as an employee.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was scared about the future ahead, but I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that I’m crazy excited. This is a leap of faith in the biggest of ways, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store.


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2 Responses to Things For Which I’m Thankful (one of them being the last day of my day job)

  1. haydemon says:

    Congratulations! Like I told Arturo today, decisions are hard to make, but once made, so rewarding! What am I thankful for today? For the reaffirmation I get each day about the wisdom of my own decision to retire this year. I wanted reassurance, and I think God is showing me day by day that I’m on the right path. Hurrah for us!

    • Thanks for sharing, Monica! Changes can be scary, but they can also be really good. I’m so glad you’re receiving confirmation about your retirement decision. Just a few months left. 🙂

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