The craft fair that was not …

As you know, this past Saturday I was supposed to participate in the Second Saturday Street Faire in Waynesville, OH. I was pretty excited about the event. While it’s certainly on the small side in terms of the art fairs in which I’m participating this year, it promised to be one of the most fun. They had a classic car parade scheduled for noon – who doesn’t love that?

However, it was not to be. My husband and I woke up Saturday morning to find a very seriously ill cockatiel. Pepper wasn’t feeling well Thursday, so Arturo took her to the vet Thursday morning and started her on some antibiotics. By Friday, she seemed much better, and we figured all would be well. But by the time we woke up on Saturday, she’d taken a definite turn for the worse. Instead of spending Saturday morning setting up my fair booth in Waynesville, we spent the morning in an animal hospital waiting room, as we anxiously awaited Pepper’s test results.

Luckily, this is not a “my pet died” post. As I write these words, Pepper is quietly preening her feathers while enjoying the warmth of her new heat lamp (which we bought this weekend on the vet’s instruction, as birds need warmth to recover from illness). While she hates her 4-times daily dose of antibiotic (a different one this time), she’s going to be just fine.

This weekend’s unexpected adventure was a reminder that in business, as in life, even the best laid plans are susceptible to missteps and unforeseen complications. When I applied for the Second Saturday Street Faire nearly 3 months ago, I had no way of knowing that we’d have a veterinary emergency the morning of July 9. In light of what happened, I’m particularly grateful for my Etsy customers, for their support means that my business is not dependent solely on art fairs and festivals. This is my business’s version of not keeping all my eggs in one basket.

As I’ve mentioned before, our parrots are wonderful company during my days working from home, and I’m daily reminded of how they enrich our lives. Wildlife photographer Roger Caras once said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” In my opinion, substitute “Parrots” for “Dogs,” and he’s got it right.


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