Things for which I am grateful

Recently, I stumbled upon James Altucher’s blog. While I don’t always agree with everything he writes, he certainly has some interesting and worthwhile ideas. One such idea is this: he suggests that, to help move toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life, people make two lists each day. One list is of ideas (for anything and everything, to keep yourself creative and innovative), and the other list is of things for which you are grateful (to help you see that, no matter how bad things get, life always has value).

I’ve decided that this daily practice of list-making is a pretty good idea, and I thought I’d share with you today’s list of 10 things for which I am grateful:

  • My amazing husband – He is so supportive and believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. JennJill Designs would not be possible without his help and encouragement.
  • My wonderful parents – They are also entrepreneurs, and their experience and advice has been invaluable to me these past few months.
  • The Lord’s guidance – Some of the best things that have happened with JennJill Designs since last October were completely beyond my control and could have been nothing other than the Lord’s hand. (As my grandmother always said, “Grapes come in bunches, not coincidences.”) I am always and forever grateful for His loving care and guidance.
  • My supportive friends – I am so blessed to have incredible friends. My two closest friends daily give me encouragement for my goals with JennJill Designs. You know who you are, and please know I am so thankful for you! 🙂
  • My birds – See my post about our parrots here. It can get a bit lonely in my studio while crafting all day, and they keep me company, keeping loneliness at bay.

And now for the not-so-lofty thanks:

  • Fans – I am grateful for electric fans. My studio is on the 2nd floor in our house, and it gets HOT up here on a summer afternoon. It would be unbearable without the fans going full blast.
  • My sewing machine – See my earlier post about my sewing machine here. It makes my job so much easier!
  • Time – I am grateful I have the time to work and grow my business. New businesses take time to mature and become profitable, and it’s wonderful to know I have the time to get there.
  • My customers – Some of my best new products resulted from custom requests from my customers (such as my iPad Cover/Stand – read about it here). Thank you, and keep ’em coming! 🙂
  • Podcasts – I love listening to podcasts while I work, and I’m grateful that shows like This American Life, Moth Radio Hour, Radio Lab, and Freakonomics Radio are all available online for free.

These are things I’m thankful for today. What are you thankful for?

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit to learn more.
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2 Responses to Things for which I am grateful

  1. Rowanmdm says:

    I still give thanks for my job every day in my prayers. I’ve had my job for more than 5 times longer than I was unemployed, but I am still so very thankful to be working, in my field, with people I like, in a position that I enjoy most of the time!

    Other things on thankful list:
    -a new room in which I actually have space to move around!
    -my adorable nephews (though really, my sisters need to give me some nieces)
    -the rest of my family
    -the ability to have long distance friends. Moving around the country would be so much harder without phone calls and emails to help keep in touch in with good friends.
    -Books. So many to read, so little time!
    -Korean television. A little strange I know, but I love how well they can tell a story, and Korean romantic comedies are heaps better than any of the ones on American television, past or present.

    • Rachel, what a great list! And I will definitely have to check out the Korean TV … a bit strange, like you said, but I am more than willing to give it a try. 🙂 Where do you get it? Is it available online, or do you watch through a cable/satellite TV connection?

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