Project of the Week: “Live, Laugh, Love” Votive Candle Holders

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One of my best friends had a birthday last week, and so of course I had to make a gift for her. She’s a special person, very dear to my heart, and only the best of my projects would do. I’d been wracking my creative ideas for weeks searching for just the right project, and last week I finally settled on a design. Her house is full of candles, so I decided to make a set of votive candle holders bearing a simple yet inspirational quote: “Live, Laugh, Love.”

I decided to decorate the first votive with butterflies to illustrate “Live,” for the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly is a powerful symbol of growth and survival.

For the second votive, “Laugh,” I selected bright white and pink flowers, for as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Earth laughs in flowers.”

For the final votive, “Love,” I chose two interlocking hearts, for love cannot exist in a vacuum but instead requires the development of deep relationships with others before it can be made full.

Much thought went into the symbolism of my “Live, Laugh, Love” Candle Votives, but I also carefully selected the color scheme. I’ve been studying of the color wheel and color theories recently, and I decided to select a color triad for the project. Color triads consist of three colors spaced equally on the color wheel. The most common triad is red, yellow, and blue, the three primary colors. For this project, I instead chose the color triad of orange (“Live”), green (“Laugh”), and violet (“Love”), and I created a marbled texture on each votive by adding various hues of the main color.

I then tied the three votives together by incorporating around the rim of each votive the other two members of the color triad.

The creation of my “Live, Laugh, Laugh” Candle Votives was one of my most carefully planned projects. Frequently I start with a general idea or goal and only determine design specifics as I work. Working on my friend’s birthday gift was an excellent exercise in project planning and organization.

While often my “Projects of the Week” take several days or weeks before they’re available in my online store, the Live Laugh Love Votive Candle Holders are already online and available for purchase. Click HERE to view the Etsy listing.


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