Endless Possibility

I’ve been busy so far this week making new clay vessels – candle holders, vases, wine goblets, clay boxes, and more – in an effort to build up my inventory for the Granville Art Affair this weekend. As I work, I can’t help but wonder who will connect with each individual item enough to take it home to treasure and to keep. What will fill the vases and containers I’m making? Flowers? A glass of fine wine? Vanilla candles to warm a winter’s evening? The possibilities are endless and oh so tantalizing.

Part of what I love about what I do is the thought that something I have carefully crafted, sculpted, or sewn will one day become integrated into another’s life, woven into the fabric of their daily existence. It’s an exhilarating concept that my creations have the capability for a life separate and apart from me, their creator.

Just as my vessels could be destined to hold just about anything, so the possibilities are nearly endless for our potential as humans and children of God:

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.
– Augustus Hare

A year ago, I never would have guessed that by June of 2011 I’d own my own business and be well on my way to artistic success. Like my carefully crafted vessels, I am full of endless possibilities that are oh so tantalizing. In making the decision to start JennJill Designs, I also made the decision to explore one of my possibilities, and I’m so glad I did.

Which of your possibilities have you longed to explore? Perhaps now is the time to take that leap into the exhilarating, tantalizing unknown.

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit www.JennJillDesigns.com to learn more.
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