Trillum Everywhere

Earlier this month, I presented a kids’ craft activity at the Cheat River Festival Art Market. We made small clay figurines of rainbow trout, three-toothed snails, and white trillium, all examples of flora and fauna that are native to the Cheat River Valley. It was a blast watching the kids shape, squeeze, and work the clay into shapes that (usually) were pretty good replicas of the plants and animals they were supposed to represent.

I’m sure I saw plenty of trillium blossoms growing up, since I was raised barely 30 miles from the festival site, but for some reason I don’t remember ever noticing them. While looking at pictures of the blossoms in preparation for the kids’ activity, I became simply enchanted. Trillium come in a plethora of colors and sizes, but all have the distinctive 3-petal structure that is simply gorgeous.

This prompted me to see what my fellow Etsy sellers have done with these beautiful blossoms, and I was certainly not disappointed. I made a treasury of my wonderful trillium finds. A few of my favorites are below, but be sure to take a look at the entire treasury as well. I promise you’ll be just as inspired as I am!


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