Project of the Week: Scripture Box

Note: My project of the week last week was created as a gift for one of my best friends who graduated this past Saturday. However, I didn’t want to post it on my blog until after I’d given it to her. So, this is really my project of the week from last week. Enjoy!

The last few months, I’ve been doing lots of reading and research about various polymer clay techniques. While I’ve been working with polymer clay as a hobbyist for over a decade, I usually stayed within the same core set of tried-and-true techniques, such as millefiori and marbling. I definitely still love working with all of my standard techniques, but I figured it was time to expand now that my clay work is also my career. While reading Jacqueline Gikow’s Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects, I came across a long section about creating boxes and vessels entirely from clay, without supporting materials. I just had to try it, and a good friend’s graduation was the perfect occasion to test it for the first time.

Let me know what you think – since this is a new technique for me, I’m anxious to receive feedback! 🙂

Click any of the photos below to zoom in.

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2 Responses to Project of the Week: Scripture Box

  1. Phyllis says:

    Your box is beautiful. I especially like the textured lace look on top. Great job.

    • Thank you so much! The texture on the top is thanks to a new texture sheet I just bought, and while I was trying out new techniques with the box, I figured I’d try it out as well. 🙂

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