Kiddie Fun

At this weekend’s Cheat River Festival Art Market, I will be leading a children’s activity, making small magnets representing some of the flora and fauna in the Cheat River Valley. I’m really excited about it! The last kids’ craft event I led was nearly 4 years ago, when I worked with the 4th and 5th grade girls at my church to teach them the basics of beading. We had a blast together then, and I know that working with the children at the festival this weekend will be just as fun.

My husband and I spent several hours Monday evening creating 130 kits for making small three-toothed snails (an endangered snail species whose main habitat is the Cheat River Valley), rainbow trout, and trillium blossoms out of polymer clay. Our house turned into a flurry of activity as I carefully measured the colored clay and my husband put the clay into plastic baggies for the children.

Here’s hoping for beautiful weather for this weekend’s fair so that lots of kids are there to participate!

Three of the kits and a few of my samples


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