Project of the Week: Business Card Holders & Name Badges

With so many craft fairs coming up so quickly, much of this past week has been occupied with craft fair preparation. One big thing on my list (which, admittedly, has languished on my list for quite a while) was to make business card holders for my booth. Until now, I’ve just put the business cards in a pile on the corner of my table. While this accomplished the task of placing my business cards within easy reach of passers-by, the cards would always get knocked over or would slide off the pile to the floor. So, for the upcoming run of fairs, making business card holders was definitely top priority. I’m excited to see if I get comments about the business card holders at tomorrow’s fair and next weekend’s art festival.

While I was working on the business card holders, I also decided to make nametags for my husband and me to wear when working the booth. At past fairs, I’ve frequently been asked if the “Jenn” and the “Jill” in “JennJill” are two different people. Of course, they’re not: I am both Jenn and Jill, as JennJill is an abbreviation of my full name, Jennifer Jill. With my new nametag, perhaps that will be a bit more obvious to my patrons. But, if not, at least it’s a stylish way for me to advertise!

I hope to see many of you at tomorrow’s Boyd E. Smith Spring Craft Fair in Milford, OH, but regardless of whether or not you’re able to come, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit to learn more.
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