Project of the Week: Green Swirl Trinket Box

For my birthday, my husband (kind and generous as he is) bought me two new clay tools I’d been eying for months: a clay extruder and a set of petit four metal molds. Until this week, I was busy filling previous orders and preparing for the trip to Salt Lake City (see Wednesday’s post), but after we returned from our travels, I finally had the opportunity to give my new tools a spin.

The clay extruder has about a bajillion uses (here’s someone else’s short list of a few ideas for extruder projects), but I decided to start simple by making basic color gradient swirls.

Once I had the swirls, I then incorporated them into a small trinket box, made using one of my new petit four molds. Since the molds are metal, they can be used to support clay items as they bake, and I couldn’t be happier with the resulting trinket box.

Considering I have nine different petit four molds and twenty different extruder screens, I think lots more fun trinket boxes will soon be gracing my Etsy shop!

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