Trip to Salt Lake City

My husband and I returned yesterday from a trip to Salt Lake City, which is the reason I didn’t post a blog article Monday or Tuesday of this week. With today’s post, I thought I’d take a momentary break from craft-related articles to share some photos from the trip.

While I knew before we traveled there that the mountains around Salt Lake City look nothing like the Appalachian mountains in which I grew up, the landscape was still a bit of a shock. The city itself is completely flat – no hills, no valleys, no nothing! – yet it’s completely surrounded by beautiful snow-covered peaks. (Or, at least they were snow-covered while we were there.) I couldn’t get enough of these strange mountains, as the photos below attest.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery, and I’ll be back with more crafty topics tomorrow.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir right before the start of “Music and the Spoken Word,” their weekly TV and radio broadcast

The Salt Lake City Temple for the Mormon Church

A pretty garden near Temple Square

A view near Temple Square of the very flat city, with the mountains in the background

The Olympic Torch from the Salt Lake City Olympics

A bald eagle in the Tracy Aviary

Arturo and I spent a morning driving through Emigration Canyon and exploring its side roads. The rest of the photos were taken on that drive.

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One Response to Trip to Salt Lake City

  1. haydemon says:

    Nice trip! These pics remind me of the Andes, particularly towards Portillo (ski resort). Thanks for sharing.

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