Project of the Week: iPad Cover & Stand

In my experience so far as an Etsy crafter, Etsy customers fall into one of two categories:

  1. Super-Involved Customers – These customers are tons of fun to work with, but they definitely take lots of time. They have very clear ideas about what they want, and we will email back and forth for days or even weeks as we agree on the exact details of their order. I invariably have a fabulous sense of triumph when I complete and mail these orders, for they are the result of hours of thought and negotiation.
  2. Easy-Care Customers – I enjoy working with these customers no less than super-involved customers, and they are certainly easier orders for me to complete. These customers simply place their order on Etsy, without any preceding questions or requests of me, and I mail their package as soon as it’s ready. However, because the personal interaction isn’t there, the triumph isn’t quite the same.

My project of the week this week was the result of a request by a one of my Super-Involved Customers. She first contacted me nearly 2 weeks ago, saying that she loved my iPad cover but had a few requests. That led to a series of 17 emails between us, as we offered ideas and solutions and discussed the details of what she wanted. Ultimately, I created an entirely new product for her, which has become my newest item: the iPad Cover & Stand, available for both iPad 1 and 2.

The JennJill Designs iPad Cover & Stand is about as “tricked out” as an iPad cover could get. It has 3 paper pockets, 2 business card pockets, and a pencil/pen pocket that’s large enough to hold at least two pens or pencils. The back of the cover bears a zippered pouch for the charging cord, complete with pleats in the pouch so the cord fits with room to spare. The cover includes a flap to the right of the iPad with a notebook holder, for taking pen & paper notes in a meeting when iPad notes simply aren’t fast enough. (This design feature can be reversed for left-handed people) As with all of my e-reader covers, extra protection and stability is provided by removable plexiglass that’s fitted into special reinforcing pockets. And best of all, the case folds into a sturdy triangular iPad stand.

Designing this cover/stand combination took hours of thought, along with plenty of trial and error. But I must admit, I’m more proud of this cover/stand than I am of almost anything else I’ve ever sewn. It’s the first quilted design I’ve ever made that is entirely my own and bears no resemblance to anything I’ve seen or observed from other crafters.

Hopefully my super-involved customer enjoys her new iPad cover & stand, and I send her many thanks for the inspiration!

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit to learn more.
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6 Responses to Project of the Week: iPad Cover & Stand

  1. haydemon says:

    Wow! That’s pretty cool! Did you also get an iPad (to practice with, I mean…) 🙂

    • Wouldn’t that be nice …. 🙂 No, unfortunately no iPad to go with it. (If you look carefully, you’ll see the “iPad” in the photos is a piece of cardboard cut to the right size with a printed picture of an iPad taped to it.)

  2. Yancey HSU says:

    HI!!!I like this very very much!! may i know how to order one just like this one show above, i checked the and found one similar, but i’m not sure if the one in is triple folding or double folding(, i want the TRIPLE folding one. also, please let me know if the one can fit ipad 2 🙂
    Greatly thanks!!

    • Hi Yancey.

      Thank you for contacting me! I’m so glad you like my iPad cover and stand. I had such a great time designing the original pattern, and I love making each one.

      The link you have above does indeed take you to my Etsy store, where I am selling the exact cover described in the blog post. My iPad Cover/Stand is a 3-part design: one part holds the iPad, one part supports the stand, and one part acts as the front flap to protect the iPad when the cover is closed.

      I also have an iPad cover that is not a stand and has a 2-part design:

      I can make either cover to fit the iPad 1 or the iPad 2. I just need to know which tablet you have so I can make sure the cover fits properly.

      Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to making your cover!


      • Yancey says:

        Hi Jennifer, thanks for your reply! It’s really glad to hear from you!
        I ‘m currently using iPad 2. The order has already been placed and paid on etsy
        Please make sure it could fit iPad 2, the color and design just need to be same as the one shown in this post. Since I found you are in vacation right now, I do like to know if there could have other options for choosing other color and style, best if there already have photos of finished products. Since I checked the custom pattern sheet, but have no idea how it would be look like when finish.

      • Hi Yancey.

        I just replied to your comment by email, to the email address that was used to purchase the iPad Cover/Stand. I included some photos, and as explained in the email, I can take more photos for you once I’m back from vacation. Let me know if you don’t get the email.

        Have a great day!


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