Birdie Love

My husband and I have the fortune to share our life with two wonderful parrots, Pepper (a white-faced pearl cockatiel) and Sunshine (a lutino English budgie). Both birds are my constant crafting companions, keeping me company while I’m holed up in my studio for hours on end. Sunshine’s quiet cheeps and chirps provide entertainment, and Pepper loves to take naps on my shoulder as I work.

For this beautiful March day, here’s a quote and some photos of our little feathered flock.

Quote of the Day:

“A cockatiel is a symbol of happiness and contentedness. A cockatiel is a little miracle.
– Marie De Labutel

Pepper, our cockatiel

Sunshine, our budgie, resting on my husband’s cello

Both birds perching on my husband as he takes a nap


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One Response to Birdie Love

  1. haydemon says:

    How cute!

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