Craft Fair Postmortem: Cheviot UMC Preschool Ladies Night Out

This past Friday evening, I participated in my first craft fair of 2011: the “Ladies Night Out” fundraiser for Cheviot United Methodist Church’s preschool program. While this was a craft and vendor fair, rather than just a craft fair, I was excited to participate. Cheviot UMC is my church home, so I knew lots of my church family would be in attendance. Because many of my items were on the upper end of the price spectrum for this particular event, I didn’t expect to sell a great deal. However, I knew I’d have a great evening sharing my new items with my close church friends.

A great evening full of fellowship and fun is exactly what I got. As a welcome bonus, I also sold more than I expected. One of my close friends, L, worked my booth with me, and her background as a salesman allowed her to give me tips and suggestions that will definitely help me in my future fairs. Another of my friends, S, came and spent the entire evening at the Ladies Night Out, supporting me and helping work the booth. It was a wonderful surprise that S came, since I hadn’t asked her to – she just came because she wanted to help. Thank you both! I am blessed with amazing friends.

All in all, the CUMC Ladies Night Out was a wonderful start to my 2011 craft fair season. Because this event includes many more vendors than it does crafters or artisans, it isn’t necessarily something I’d recommend to other artisans. The shoppers weren’t looking for or overly interested in the handcrafted items, but the Tupperware booth did great business. However, the Ladies Night Out certainly was and will continue to be a great event for me. Since I knew many of the attendees, it provided a friendly atmosphere for trying my new booth setup. The proceeds from the event go to support the CUMC preschool program, so my participation will help a program I very much support.

Here’s hoping my upcoming fairs are just as successful and just as enjoyable as this past Friday’s Ladies Night Out!

Photos of my booth:

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