Project of the Week: Rose Blossom Brooch

Last weekend, my husband and I returned to my hometown in WV for some much-needed “R and R” and for a visit with my parents. I took with me a box full of my newest JennJill Designs items, since my parents hadn’t yet had a chance to see some of them in person.

When my mom saw the Thorns and Roses Wall Plaque, she commented aloud that the large rose on the bottom of the plaque would make a beautiful brooch, and she asked if I would be willing to make one for her to give as a gift.


Thus was born the Rose Blossom Brooch, one of my new favorite JennJill items.

Sometimes a design idea just seems to work from the very start, and this was one of those designs. (The Golden Poppy Necklace was another.) I made a prototype brooch the day after we returned from our visit, and I liked the prototype so much that I’ve decided to keep it for myself (which is again something I did with the Golden Poppy Necklace – in fact, I’m wearing my Golden Poppy Necklace as I write this post!). I’ve worn my Rose Blossom Brooch several times already and gotten lots of comments about it each time. It’s a very striking accessory, particularly when worn on the lapel of a jacket or blazer.

I’ve already made nearly a dozen Rose Blossom Brooches for sale at my upcoming craft fairs, and I’ve enjoyed every part of the process. For some of my designs, the joy of creation is in the preliminary design phase, and the duplication phase isn’t as much fun. Not so with the Rose Blossom Brooch. For each one, I carefully measure out 12 balls of clay: 5 small balls, 3 medium, and 4 large.

I then shape each ball into an individual rose petal and carefully layer the petals to create a blossom.

Too much pressure during the assembly process mushes the petals together; too little pressure results in an unstable and easily broken finished product.


The amount of care and attention that must go into the creation of each Rose Blossom Brooch keeps me from tiring of the process. While it’s a fairly new design, I have a feeling it will be staple in my shop for quite a while.

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