Two Months of JennJill Designs

This week marks 8 weeks – 2 months – since I quit my full-time job and went part-time so that I could focus on developing JennJill Designs into a viable and thriving new business. Taking that step was a huge leap of faith that God would provide and help my husband and me overcome the gap in our budget that was created by my new working situation. It’s been a tumultuous two months with a steep learning curve, but I can freely say that I am so glad I did it.

At first, my crafting days were full of frantic activity. I don’t think I had really absorbed the reality that I now had time to do the creative work that needed to get done. I continually felt like I was playing “hookie” from my full-time job, that I was crafting on borrowed time and had to get things done as quickly as humanly possible, or maybe even faster than that.

Thankfully, I’ve since been able to settle into a regular rhythm of crafting for JennJill and completing office work at my part-time job. I usually enjoy my duties at the part-time day job, so the frantic days of late January have gradually settled into a more mundane and more productive daily schedule.

However, completing the business side of my JennJill duties is still a struggle. So much paperwork goes along with owning your own business! My parents are both self-employed, and I grew up watching them daily handle the business aspects of self-employment, so I knew ahead of time what I was getting myself into. I must say, though, that my past experience hasn’t made it any easier to handle the ever-looming monolith of forms and tax regulations and organizational needs. Do any of you have suggestions for handling the not-so-fun part of running a new business?

Owning and running my own business these past few months has been a wonderful, roller-coaster adventure, one I wouldn’t exchange for the world. I’m so thankful God has given me the opportunity to share my craft and make a living with the work of my hands. What fun!

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit to learn more.
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