Studio Thoughts

Before I started JennJill Designs, my crafting space consisted of whatever space I happened to have at the moment. If my husband and I were going to settle down to watch one of our favorite TV shows (usually NCIS or The Mentalist), I’d spread out my beads on our living room floor. Or, if we were going to listen to music as we whiled the night away, I’d set out my clays on our dining room table. Whatever spot happened to present itself is where I’d work.

Once I made the decision to transfer my crafting pursuits from hobby to business, I knew this haphazard work arrangement would have to end. With my husband’s help, we transformed our upstairs guest room into a functional, comfortable, and inspiring studio for JennJill Designs. Here are a few photos:

This sewing table was my grandmother’s, and it’s amazing! It’s got tons of storage underneath, expands to the side to make the work area larger, and if you have the right type of sewing machine (which I do not) can hide the sewing machine underneath for easy access when needed. What’s even better is that it’s on wheels, so I can just roll it around wherever I want!

This computer desk was a gift from my parents when I graduated from high school, and I love it! It’s such a wonderful work area, and having the computer right there in my studio means I don’t have to go far when it’s time to edit my item photos or post new listings.

My closet may not look incredibly neat, but it’s actually meticulously organized for storage of my fabrics and supplies.

My mom made this shelf with my grandfather when she was in school, and now it serves as my bookshelf and general storage space.

While it’s not always the perfect working area, my studio certainly serves the purpose of providing me a comfortable area in which to design and create my crafted products and to run the business side of JennJill Designs.

About JennJill Designs

JennJill Designs provides the handcrafted goods of Jennifer Jill Araya. Visit to learn more.
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2 Responses to Studio Thoughts

  1. Lovely!
    “A woman must have …. a room of her own if she is to [write fiction]” –Virginia Woolf.
    To which I would add, “to express her creativity.”

  2. Fabulous quote, Monica! 🙂

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