New Sewing Machine

I’ve been selling a lot of Kindle and iPad covers recently, which is great. I love sewing, and I love knowing that something I make will be contribute to hours of reading pleasure.

What’s not so great is that my sewing machine, which is adequate for most sewing tasks, has flat-out refused to sew the finishing stitches on these covers. To be fair, I’m asking it to go through 12 layers of fabric, 5 layers of interfacing, and 1 layer of batting, so it’s quite a lot to handle. But it has made the Kindle-cover-making process somewhat of a mental, emotional, and physical battle. I had looked at heavy-duty sewing machines, but most of them cost much more than the checking account balance for my fledgling business (a balance which still needs to cover application and registration fees for quite a few craft fairs), so I’d determined I’d just tough it out, hand-sewing as needed to finish the covers on time.

Now, thanks to my incredibly generous husband, my fights with my sewing machine and my hours of hand-sewing are no more! ๐Ÿ™‚

About three weeks ago, as I was putting the finishing touches (by hand) on a Kindle cover, Arturo took it upon himself to remedy the situation. He pulled out one of my sewing books that includes tips for buying a new machine and then proceeded to find a sewing machine for me. He picked out a couple of the best ones, called me over for me to pick my favorite, and proceeded to buy it for me. For the time being, we’re considering it an โ€œinvestmentโ€ in my business, just like the start-up funds we put in at the beginning. Hopefully, before too long, my improved productivity with this new machine will let the machine pay for itself!

My new sewing machine

My new sewing machine

I’m having a fabulous time putting my new machine through its paces. It hasn’t yet disappointed me! It does the finishing stitches on my Kindle/Nook/iPad covers like they’re nothing, and its foot pedal is much more sensitive and more easily controlled than that of my old machine. It came with a 19.5โ€x15โ€ acrylic work table to expand the sewing surface, and already, I don’t know what I did without the huge work surface it provides – it’s so convenient to have everything on one level.

Lookout sewing world, here I come! ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Responses to New Sewing Machine

  1. haydemon says:

    You go Arturo! Congrats Jenn! (Ain’t he sweet?)

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